Vaastu Shastra

Vastu Shastra is an ancient science which helps one to get the natural benefits freely offered by the five basic elements of the universe in which we all live.



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Vaastu Shastra:

Vastu-Shastra which is also known as “Vastu-veda” or “Vastu-vidya” is one of the most demanding element of the modern times. “Vastu-Shastra” consist of 2 terms: “Vastu” means any sourrounding area, building, house or even plot where human resides, and “Shastra” means nothing but science or knowledge. So as a whole it is the “Science of Construction”.

It has spread its root since ancient times. “Vishwakarma” is known as the father of Vastu-Shastra. It is mainly focused on the 5 elements of nature (Pancha maha bhoota) i.e Earth, Water ,Air ,Fire and Space which got the major influence in the life of all living and non-living organism in this universe. This Shastra is written keeping in view air and light.

“Home” is a dream of every young man. People believe that prosperity of man depends upon the house he builds. But what if the same home where we expect to seek happiness and peace turns out to be the biggest nightmare??? Yes it can be when we just seek the outer attraction and forget the laws of nature which is written in Vastu-Shastra.

We all admit that human beings are controlled by the cosmic power like sun’s heat and light, moon, stars position, planets etc. And we are surrounded by the positive and negative energies of this universe. When all these are not aligned in one’s life there the problem starts!!!

Problems faced neglecting Vastu-Shastra:

1) Disturbance in harmony, peace, happiness of home

2) Effects on health, disease, calamities, accidents

3) Effect on the wealth, prosperity of home

4) Mental-Disturbance, Negative energy flow

Harivara Service:

Our expert will be at your service when you plan to purchase or rent an office, home, apartment or plots. They got deep knowledge about the 8 dias(four sides Eg: West, south, North along with their four corners) and the influence and power of PanchaBhootas which has to be kept in mind while building a house. They are trained with Vedic knowledge. Our Services will be at a feasible price!!!

There are certain layout of a house based on which depends the future especially the fortunate and unfortunate events, heath, wealth etc which merely depends on the Vastu-Shastra.

Eg: Underground water tank- North-East


Master Bedroom- South-West

Children Bedroom- North-West


Our people will guide you in all ways to grab the positive energy residing at your home. Because when we ignore Vastu-Shastra, even you got 100% opportunity knocking your door the negative and unbalanced forces around you will block them. It is like we are attempting to swim against the current of a river!!!

So never opt a second opinion, make your home, your dream home!!!


“Om anuhraha rupaya vidhamahe

Boomi puthraya dheemahi

Tanno vaastu purusha prachothayatha”!!!

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