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Thila Homam is a powerful Vedic ritual, performed to ward off difficulties arising out of Pithru Dhosham (Ancestor Doshas), which is the outcome of non performance of srardhams, and other rituals performed to propitiate our ancestors.

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Souls are believed to have positive and negative effects on human life. We always feel blessed when we find we are under the shelter of some ‘Invisible Blessing Hand’. It is our duty or dharma to satisfy the departed souls of our family.


We will send you our professional Purohit / Pandit trained in Hindu Vedic Paatasala to conduct the pooja at Devotees given location (home, office, temple etc.) and time (Harivara will fix the date & time according to the Devotees nakshatra on an auspicious date).

  • To Perform Thila Homam at Rameswaram click here
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If one is not able to attend the homam we will perform the pooja on your behalf and we will send you our prasad to your mentioned address.

What is Thila homam?

Through this homam the pithrus are satisfied and they bestow their blessings not only on us but also on our children and grand children. The Shastra further says that even if one of the family member carries this sin, it will affect the others as well. Hence, all the family members must attend this homam for full effect as it is done only once in a lifetime. Thila Homam is arranged for the the peace of the souls who died unnaturally. When they remain restless it creates an adverse effect in our family and continues to generation to generation! Thila Homam helps the suffering soul to seek Moksha.

Why is this homam performed?

Not performing this homam will create unhappiness, lot of obstacles like – delay in marriage – Misunderstanding among family members – Late in child birth – Unemployment (This will bring peace to the souls of your ancestors preventing it from the clutches of negative forces).

How effective is this homam?

All unwanted which is known and unknown sins are removed and you get pitru asheervadam(blessings). Here the Mantra is not chanted as in the case of usual ancestors’s ceremony, rather it must be performed only once in life because we are not supposed to disturb our ancestor souls. This homam can help us to remove the Karmic burden.

How is this homam performed?

Thila (alias Gingelly) is offered in this homam.Lord Surya Bhagavan (sun) is worshiped in kalasha and mandala. Gayathri manthra and pitru dosha parihara mantras are chanted. Kalasha, phala and ajya daanas are given. This homam is performed in your home, temple, or punyakshetra. After performing this homam you can do pinda pradanam.Our experts can help you to escape from the unwanted curses and sufferings of the dead souls and help you in bringing down good wishes!

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    Performance of homa is good and satisfactory.shastrigal explained thila hoam in detail.I recommend Harivara for others.


  2. 5 out of 5


    I really appreciate the entire team who performed Thila homam at Thirupallani. Mr.Hariharan of Harivara is to be complemented for that.Panditji was dedicated and with very good at rituals and pronunciation of mantras and i was able to repeat in total which gave the total satisfaction and his explanation for every ritual is even more meaningful. He told us to visit at Devipatnam and worship navagrahas.I look forward to visit again for normal worship.Thank you and please continue this wonderful service.good luck and best wishes

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