Thila Homam at Thirupullani

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Thila Homam is a powerful Vedic ritual, performed to ward off difficulties arising out of Pithru Dhosham (Ancestor Doshas), which is the outcome of non performance of srardhams, and other rituals performed to propitiate our ancestors.

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Product Description


Thila Homam is performed to satisfy the dead souls who have been fallen into ‘Apamrithu’.  Not all the souls rest in peace once it leaves body, the one which dies without the fulfillment of their wishes keeps haunting us from generation to generation. We should generally choose pious places to conduct Thila Homam like SethuKarai near Thiruppullani.


Our professional Purohit / Pandit in Thiruppullani will organise thila homam as per the devotees requirement along with arrangements for swamy darshan.

Homam will be performed at Sethu Karai which is 10 mins away from Thirupullani Adi Jagannatha Perumal Temple.

Devotees are recommended to Come to Thirupullani via Ramanathapuram.

Purpose and Benefits:

Thiruppullani is known for the couples who are striving to be blessed with a child. When a family has a curse from any departed soul then the legacy of the family is stopped until we satisfy the soul. The dead soul can be satisfied by doing Thila Homam at Thiruppullani and will be gifted with child. Thila Homam restores the family happiness and prosperity. It makes the soul to attain Moksha and it return blesses the family and future generation with long life. Thila Homam is the best remedy to reduce the malefic effect of Karmas. It bestows the blessings from our ancestors.

Homam Description:

Thila Homam is done on Aadi Amavasya days. It is done with ‘Thil’ or ‘Elu’ in the homam. It is done as ‘Prayaschitakarmam’ to get rid of all curses and doshams. Thiruppullani is the best place to weed off Pitru Dosham. The bath in the pious water washes away all our sins too. Our service will make this homam affordable for you and will be gifted with all the benefits of homam. Our pandits will make the homam at its best way. Performing Thila Homam at Thiruppullani gives 100 times more value than being done at any other Kshetras. As the bath taken immediately after the homam in the pious Theertham vanishes our papams or doshams.

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    I would like to thank Harivara Team on behalf of my parents and grandmother for the performance of Thila Homam today at Thirupullani. Every part of the trip was organized perfectly by Harivara right from the accommodation at Ramanathapuram to the performance of the Homam at Thirupullani. A special thanks to the priest who performed the Homam with dedication and for providing scientific explanation behind the performance of the Homam. A special thanks to the people who made the stay at the hotel a pleasant experience.

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