What is Sandhyavandanam?

The word ‘Sandhyavandanam’ is considered of 2 words ‘Sandhya’ which means a time of union or intersection. ‘Vandanam’ is prayer or salutation. Sandhya word again can be meant as ‘Sam’ meaning Dhyan or meditation done to Supreme power.

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Do you consider yourself as an integral part of Brahmin society? If yes, then it is high time to rewind all your notions and make sure that you perform all the rituals mentioned in Vedas which makes you a ‘Complete Brahmin!’ To be born as a ‘Brahmin’ is itself is considered as the most pious and sacred birth in one’s life! So it’s our duty to uphold the integrity of being a Brahmin. Among numerous traditions, ‘Sandhyavandanam’ is one of the most important cultures in Hindu society. But being a part of modern era and also the prisoners of the fact called ‘Time’ we are more tend to ignore our culture. A person who does not follow this tradition is not liable to be considered as Brahmin by any means! Now what is Sandhyavandanam and why it is important can be taken by having glance here:

Sandhyavandanam is also said as ‘Nityakarma’- a daily practice to be followed. People born in high-class especially ‘Brahmins’ are supposed to perform Sandhyavandanam thrice a day. The morning (Prathasamdhya), noon (Madhyamika), Evening (Sayamsamdhya). Brahmins who have done their Upanayanam ceremony are taught at the tender age of 8 to follow the ritual of Sandhyavandanam by a Guru. It is a prayer dedicated to Lord Sun as Mitra in morning and Lord Varuna in evening.

What are its Purpose and Benefits?

1) Physically Sandhyavandanam helps to regulate blood pressure and adds several health benefits by acquiring us Vitamin D.

2) Sandhayavandanam practiced from childhood induces discipline, patience, stability in a child’s mind. It helps the kid to relieve from all the mental confusions and shape him into a responsible individual.

3) All the sacred mantras or slokas chanted with correct pronunciations during this helps to increase the concentration power and creativity in us. It makes us visualize the almighty in our mind.

4) The greatest benefit is from ‘Pranayamam’ when practiced helps to avoid breathing problem and always keep us young and healthy.

5) It initiates a person to get close with the aspects of divinity. It inculcates the features of being religious and a person gradually develops hunger for spiritual knowledge.

6) Sandhyavandanam washes away all the sins done by our thoughts, actions and speech thus it make us free from Karmic burdens.

7) ‘Man’s thought can gallop faster than a horse’. So it is very necessary to hold the strap of our thoughts. This can be achieved by regular practice of Sandhyavandanam which will gift us with mental peace and positive thinking.

8) It helps us to attain liberation from the birth cycle.

9) We are surrounded by a cosmic power but it can be only transferred to our body and mind by regular practice of mediation and Sandhyavandanam.

10) It removes ignorance, laziness, sickness and bless with high intuition, intellect and energetic life.

How it is done?

There are 4 steps to be followed…

1) Gayathri Japam which includes the chanting of pious Gayatri mantra which helps in sharpening our concentration.

2) Pranayanam which is a breath controlling exercise having 90% health benefits. Each Sandhyavandan has 13 pranayanam- 39 in total.

3) Achamaneyam & Tharpanam which is a ritual of cleaning our hands and feet and intake of ritually cleansed water.

4) Upasthana Mantra is a part where we worship Vedic Gods Mitra, Sun, and Varuna at morning, noon and Evening respectively for family and social peace.

It is the responsibility of each and every parent to pass this beneficial ritual to the coming generation. It is our duty to preserve our own culture and tradition. And our service takes utmost pleasure and proud to make you aware about the importance of Sandhyavandanam. Even if you are in dilemma about the correct procedure to follow Sandhyavandanam, we are at your service to make you understand the concepts of Sandhayvandanam! So avail our service and live a healthy and blessed life!


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