Pariharam for Saturn (Sani)

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Shani Dosha Pariharam starts with Ganapathi pooja, Navagraha Homam and then Shani Moola Mantra is chanted. It is done on important Saturdays. It is done in Shani Yantra. Shani Homam is the best remedy for Shani Dosham. Our priest will arrange the Homam and get you the maximum benefits from it. We will help you to please Lord Shanishwara to make your Life happiest and peaceful!

When you are running weak Saturn Maha Dasa or antardasa (bukthi) or when you are facing problems related to Sani Graha

  • Wear 14 face Rudraksha
  • Pray Lord Hanuman, Ayyapan or shivan .
  • Fasting on Saturdays or at least avoid non-veg food on Saturdays
  • Visit Kuchanur (Shenbaganallur) in Theni District. It is 30 KMs from Theni and 100 KMs from Madurai. You may also visit Thirunallaru.
  • Help elderly people / senior citizens in the hospital.
  • Donate food to beggars on Saturdays ,offer sesame seeds or light lamps with sesame seeds on a Saturday.

The Poojas includes,

  • Ganapathi pooja
  • Punyaha Vachanam, Maha Sankalpam
  • Kalasa Pooja
  • Sani Homam (Japam & Aavurthi)
  • Poornahuthi & Prasad Distribution

The Package Includes,

  • Sambhavana(Dakshana) For Priests
  • All Pooja Materials for Performing the ceremony (Homa Samagris & Neivedhya Prasad all included)

The Customer has to buy only the “Fruits & Flowers” and God’s Picture for pooja for Home/ Office Based Pooja.

All the poojas will be conducted with Professional Priests with utmost divinity and in accordance to vedic scriptures.


We will send you our professional Purohit / Pandit trained in Hindu Vedic Paatasala to conduct the pooja at Devotees given location (home, office, temple etc.) and time (Harivara will fix the date & time according to the Devotees nakshatra on an auspicious date).

If one is not able to attend the POOJA we will perform the pooja on your behalf and we will send you our prasad to your mentioned address.


Lord Shani Dev is regarded as one of the most powerful deity who has the control over a man’s destiny. The word ‘Shani’ means the one which moves slowly. So generally Shani-Dasha persists over long time. The direction of Shani is west and its element is air. He is the giver and taker of all types of comforts in life. It represents hard way, career and longevity Lord Ayyappa, Shivan and Hanuman are the rulers of Saturn planet.


Shani Dasha Pariharam drives away all the obstacles which were blocking our way to success. It will enable us to face all the challenges and reduce our mental stress. It also solves all the health problems and fills us with positive energy. When we are facing Shani Maha Dasa we tend to find difficulties in even the simplest of all tasks. We get hurdles in each and every way. So it is always seek the blessings of Shani Deva by doing this pariharam to avoid most of the negative effects.


•Thirunallaru – Karaikal
•Thirupugalur near Nannilam – Kumbakonam
•Thirukkollikadu in Thiruthuraipoondi road Thiruvarur
•Kuchhanoor – Cumbum
•Agastheeswarar Temple at Pozhichalure near Pallavaram – Chennai



Om kaakadhwajaaya vidmahae

khadga hastaaya dheemahi

tanno mandah: prachodayaat


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