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Marriage are Made in heaven.! Marriage predictions are best made in Harivara we can ensure your life predictions in the mere future of how things will go and things will be.



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Marriage Horoscope:

Matching horoscope before marriage is an inevitable part of Hindu-Marriage. It is always the best way to seek the advice of an astrologer when we are really stepping into the world of marriage. Because marriage is not just a ceremony, it is a journey where you select your soul-mate and decide to walk together the entire life. So, people are always alert to see whether the 10 poruthams are studied and matched for the couple or not.

Marriages are not always fixed in heaven, if it was then what’s the role of seeing horoscope? The way your horoscope is matched or kept decides your relationship with your spouse. Your future happiness, family disturbances, prosperity it all depends on the Gunas of your Kundali.

Poruthams are based on the birth stars and the janma rashi of a boy/girl. Each porutham is significant according to different aspects of a person’s mind,body and personality and the effects of each are considered one by one. Out of 10 poruthams the most important 5 are Ganam, Rajju, Dhinam,Rassi and Yoni, where out of these 5, Rajju and Dhinam got the greatest priority.

Harivara Service:

Harivara Services will be utmost privileged to be a part of your life’s important ceremony. We can promise you a healthy and continuing long-term relationship through our well-versed expert group. By checking marriage horoscope with us, we can predict whether the relation will have ups and downs, the consequences to be faced by you and your spouse. Our Services will be at a feasible price!!!

Our experts after analyzing your horoscope will intimate you the exact position of your planet. We will suggest you the suitable remedies, poojas, yagnas if it is mandatory to remove the obstacles in your relations. They have deep knowledge in seeing jadakam. poruthams and even finding Mangalya-dosham with promising remedies.

Marriage horoscope shouldn’t be avoided at any cost because we need to really understand the importance of stars, time, rashi etc. If we wish to have a successful married life, it is mandatory to get the approval of even the cosmic power in the universe!!!

“Mangalyam tantunanena mama jeevana hetunakanthe

badhnami subhage twam jeeva sarada satam”

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