Kalathra Dosha Nivarthi (Remedy)

The word “Kalathra” means the life partner of every person. For males the word “Kalthra” points towards his wife and for the females to their husband. Kalathra Dosha means that it indicate trouble ahead in the married life. In Astrology 7th house is considered to be the house for partnership/spouse, so this house must be checked in order to find out if one’s horoscope has kalathra dosha or not.

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Kalathra Dosha Remedies:

Here we find the various methods of escaping from “Kalathra Dosha”. Please take the below mentioned points as the Check-List and try to fulfill the maximum possible points to avoid “Kalathra Dosha”.

1. Try to find a bride or groom whose horoscope does not indicate the “Kalathra Dosha”. Since the “Kalathra Dosha” becomes very active and couples could be separated, only if both the Couple’s horoscope indicates the existence of “Kalathra Dosha”.

2. Try to analyze the Mahadasa results of both the Couples. If the horoscope of the Couples indicates the simultaneous running of bad Mahadasa period, it indicates the Dasa Sandhi, which might also aid the separation of the Couples.

3. Try to check the Character of the Boy or the Girl; adamant character ruins the peacefulness of the life; rough and rude behaviour creates lot of difficulties in the life due to the unadjustable and uncompromising nature.

4. Try to access the sexual behaviour and quality of life of both the Couples. The Couples should be encouraged to marry, only if both of them have common interests and desire in their sexual preference and activities.

5. The “Kalathra Dosha” becomes active and Couples prefer to get separated, if any one or both of them maintains extra-marital relationship. Hence the Couple’s horoscopes has to be analyzed for this type of misconduct fully.

6. The “Kalathra Dosha” becomes active, if the Couples go through extensive economic troubles. Hence the natal horoscope of the Couples has to be analyzed carefully to find out, if their chart indicates major economic troubles on an concurrent basis.

7. The “Kalathra Dosha” becomes very active among the Couples, when both of them has weak confidence levels, doubting tendencies, confused and weak mindset. Because the troubled mindset does not allow the person to behave in a normal manner. Hence the Couple do not find any meeting point within their thoughts and actions.

Even if a person who has “Kalathra Dosha” in his horoscope and has some deficiencies mentioned above can live happily, if his/her life partner’s horoscope do not indicate the similar problem.



Most of them often takes much care and time to solve the Marriage Porutham puzzle. But the actual villian in the Marriage episode is this Kalathra Dosha. If Boy or Girl’s horoscope indicates any form of Kalathra Dosha, that issue has to be addressed before conducying the Marriage.


Effects of Kalathra Dosha:

1. The Couples would fight among themselves; there will not be peace in the house.

2. The Couples would get separated temporarily.

3. The Couple may live separately due to the requirements of profession or business.

4. The Couple may opt for divorce.

5. The Couple’s married life or family could be severely affected due to the illegal relationship with an outsider.

6. The Couple may face health issues and some times it could be life threatening too.

Any one of the above six illustrated points could happen to the married couples depending upon the Planetary position and the Mahadasa of the Natal chart.



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