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Harivara lets you rent Homa kundam in any area within Chennai and Bangalore. Our Delivery person will deliver you the Homa Kundam as per your selected date and will get back the homa kundam on the date you mention to us.

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Product Description

Homa Kundam is the vedic fire altar into which offerings are made to appease the God. The sacred Fire or Agni acts as the messenger between the mortal realm and the realm of the Gods and hence Homa Kundam is an essential and basic part of any Homa.

We provide Homa Kundam made up of Copper and do not generally encourage Iron and Aluminium Homa Kundams as Copper Homa Kundams are considered more apt for Homas according to Vedas.

After paying the amount and selecting the date of delivery, our contact person will call you and deliver the homa kundam at your specified address within the city limits of Chennai and Bangalore.

NOTE – Homa Kundam Rental delivery is free if the Pooja/Homa is booked through Harivara.

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Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Secunderabad


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