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You will receive dates with the given range until the ceremony is fixed.


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You will receive dates with the given range until the ceremony is fixed.


Product Description

We say Time is the fastest running fact in the world. So we try to utilize it to the maximum as once gone it cannot be retrieved back. But even in that we need to fix up the favourable and unfavourable time when we are about to carry the most important courses of our life. We must understand what are the spiritual and scientific reasons to be considered before fixing some Muhurthams.


Muhurtham is an auspicious time or the best time we consider before starting any important ceremony. We have 5 attributes in Hindu calendar Thithi, Vaara, Nakshatra, Yoga and Karana. It is the unit for measurement of time in Hindu calendar.


It is necessary to fix a Muhurtham before we start any pooja or ceremony. There are some Lagnas on which the work done can bring the maximum results. For Eg: Marriages should be kept on the period called Shukra Moudhyami. When Venus and Jupiter are in favour. There are some days not preferred like Ashtami, Navami, Grahanam, Rahu Kalam and YamaKanda Kalam as the work done on these timings will spoil the events or does not make us get expected outcome. Same way Abhijit Muhurtham is the one which makes any event or activity started to end in success. Rahu Kalam and YamaKanda Kalam are referred as the time for inviting death. Gulika is the starting time or the period where the maximum positive oriented results are obtained.


The Moon, Sun and Earth is interlinked with each other. Their position or we can say the gravitational force even causes the high and low tides in ocean. Sun rules our biological activities and Moon rules our psychological activities. So it is necessary that these two ruling powers should be in favour of us in our horoscope. Horoscope itself is prepared by taking the concept of Muhurthams.


We are currently fixing the muhurtham dates for the year 2016 for ceremonies such as marriages, seemanthams, engagement, griha praveshams etc. Our professional Astrologers fix the auspicious muhurth dates according to your nakshatra & rasi along with your place of conducting the ceremony. As it is said Well Begun is Half Done! Anything started at its perfect time will surely bring its result to the fullest. So use our service and fix the most auspicious timing for your important days!



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