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Work is precious as it is the only source for income. only with a good income you can lead a good life. Predictions from our astrologers will guide the path of success that you are about to see and experience.



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Career Horoscope:

Career is something which people today show up more concerns. Your career truly states your status. Sometimes we are well-versed in everything but then too we just stand Jobless!!! Rather a person who is just average than you becomes the manager of the company. Why does this happen?

It’s not always about the talent, rather life and future has been already predicted according to your birth time, place and influences of your planets.

If you are having up questions like “When will I get Job”, “Do i need to change for a better Job”, “Will I be successful in my new business ventures”??? Or you are in a dilemma about how are your Jobs prospects shaping up! Then Harivara service is at your door-step!!!

Harivara- Service:

1) We can predict the most favourable periods of your career advancement

2) We will have detailed study of the “Lagnesh” of your jadakam and state what you are destined to become

3) We can guide you to choose the best field where you can shine according to the influences of planet in your birth-chart

4) We can suggest the pariharams or remedies if you are facing ill-effects of planet and provide guidance for changing jobs or startup something new.

The dasha of a poorly placed, afflicted planet may prevent any advance despite the best efforts and hard work on the job. A period of a well-placed planet may bring a job that seems to just fall in one’s lap. So now you can satisfy all your curiosity about your career and future by taking our astrological services!!!

“Your career is your business

It’s time for you to manage as CEO”

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