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60th, 70th, 80th marriage in Thirukadaiyyur

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On 60th Birthday (Shastiapthpoorthi), 70th Birthday (Bheema Ratha Santhi), 80th Birthday (Sathabhishekam) the marriage/Homam ceremony and all other poojas that are conducted in Thirukadaiyyur are arranged and performed in easy way.

The below Prices include Priest Dakshina & all pooja Materials only, food and accomodation will be charged extra as per the number of members visiting the temple for the function. Kindly select your Pooja Package & Age below in the options provided to know the corresponding prices.


Griha Pravesham (House Warming)

Griha Pravesham or House Warming Ceremony is mandatory before moving into a house, whether rented or owned.

Read more about this Pooja below in the description section.


Hayagreeva Homam

Book online to perform Hayagreeva Homa. Sri Hayagreeva is an incarnation of Lord Maha Vishnu. Hayagreeva homa to enhance knowledge and concentration. Homa will be performed by taking sankalpam in your name with other details – gotra, star, rashi etc.

Read more about this homa below in the description section.


Child Birth & Fertility Horoscope

Knowing is your right.! To know your future about child and fertility we are here to seek the answers for you.


Engagement (Nichayathartham)

Nichayathartham or Engagement is a ceremony prior to marriage where the groom and the bride commits themselves with each other.

Read more about this below in the description section.


Fix your muhurth dates

You will receive dates with the given range until the ceremony is fixed.


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2: Now fill your Billing details along with your Rasi and Nakshatra in Additional Information Section and then Place Your Order.

4: Complete Your Payment , your dates will be E-mailed with in 24 hours from the time you have purchased.

You will receive dates with the given range until the ceremony is fixed.


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The new moon day known as the Mahalaya Amavasya is the beginning of Dussehra. It is a special day dedicated to making an offering to express our gratitude to all the previous generations of people who have contributed to our life. During this time, in the Indian subcontinent, new crops would have just begun to bear yield. So their first produce is offered to the ancestors as a mark of respect and thankfulness, by way of pinda, before the whole population breaks into celebration in the form of other festivals like Navratri, Vijayadashami and Diwali.

Navaratri is a festival dedicated to the worship of the Hindu deity Durga. The word Navaratri means 'nine nights' in Sanskrit, navameaning nine and ratri meaning nights. During these nine nights and ten days, nine forms of Devi are worshipped. The tenth day is commonly referred to as Vijayadashami or "Dussehra". Navaratri represents a celebration of the Goddess Amba, (the Power). Navratri commences on the first day (pratipada) of the bright fortnight of the lunar month of Ashwin. The festival is celebrated for nine nights once every year during the beginning of October, although as the dates of the festival are determined according to the lunar calendar, the festival may be held for a day more or a day less. The NINE colors of Navratri collectively represent the spirit of a woman, who possesses the grace and valor of the Goddess Durga herself. Navaratri is celebrated five times a year. They are Vasanta Navaratri, Ashadha Navaratri, the Sharad Navaratri, the Paush/Magha Navaratri and the Magha Navaratri.

Ayudha Puja is a part of the Dussehra festival which is usually celebrated on the ninth day of Navratri festival. It is a celebration involving the worship of the tools which makes ones living. It is believed that by placing these implements in front of the Divine on this day will ritually purify the tools. It is believed that by this way of worshipping we consider those tools and implements which make our living as God. In South India Ayudha Puja is also celebrated as Saraswathi Puja where children pace their study books on an altar and worship the Goddess Saraswathi who is considered to be the God for education. Goddess Saraswati is represented as a graceful woman in white, a symbol of purity and peace. She is the Goddess who signifies knowledge, learning, arts and culture. She is seen as the serene Goddess wearing a crescent moon on her brow riding a swan or seated on a lotus flower. Saraswati Puja is performed to pay allegiance to the Goddess of learning.

“Take up one idea. Make that one idea your life – think of it, dream of it, live on that idea. Let the brain, muscles, nerves, every part of your body, be full of that idea, and just leave every other idea alone. This is the way to success.”

                                                                                                                                                                                            - Swamy Vivekananda

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